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Philips Compatible Temperature Adapter


This temperature adapter is available for use with Philips: EarlyVue VS30, HeartStart MRx, IntelliVue MMS X2, IntelliVue MP2, IntelliVue MX100, IntelliVue MX400, IntelliVue MX450, IntelliVue MX800, IntelliVue X3, M1029A, M3001A, M3001A A01C06, M3001A A01C18, M3001A A02C06, M3001A A02C18, M3001A A03C06, M3001A A03C18, M3001A A04C06, M3001A A04C18, M3002A, MP 40, MP 50, SureSigns VM6, SureSigns VM8, VM6, VM8.