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Philips Compatible NIBP Hose

SKU AS-16-150
This NIBP hose is available for use with Advanced Instrumentations: PM1000F+; Biolight: AnyView A3, AnyView A5, AnyView A6, AnyView A8, V6; Edan: XM1 Module, iM20; Mindray > Datascope: BeneView T1, Beneheart D6, DPM6, DPM7, Passport 12; Penlon InterMed: Oriel 4000; Philips: Avalon, HeartStart MRx, M1008B, M3001A A01, M3001A A01C06, M3001A A01C12, M3001A A01C18, M3001A A02, M3001A A02C06, M3001A A02C12, M3001A A02C18, M3001A A03, M3001A A03C06, M3001A A03C12, M3001A A03C18, M3001A A04, M3001A A04C06, M3001A A04C12, M3001A A04C18, M3046A M3; Sinohero: AcuitSign M6; Venni: VI-300A.