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Covidien > Nellcor Compatible Direct-Connect SpO2 Sensor

SKU S410-70P0
This direct-connect spO2 sensor is available for use with Bitmos: sat 800, sat 801, sat 805, sat 816, satPuls; CAS Med: 511, 740; Cardio Aid: 200; Covidien > Nellcor: N-3000, N-390, N-395, N-550, N-560, N-595, N-600, N-6000, N-600x, NPB-290, NPB-295, Oximeters that require Nellcor OxiMax sensors, Symphony N-3000; Criticare: 506DNV3, 506DNVP3, 506LNV3, 506LNVP3, 506N3, 506NV3, 506NVP3; DRE: Waveline; Datex Ohmeda: Cardiocap/5, enGuard CM5; Digicare: LW600; Fukuda Denshi: Dynascope DS-7100; GE Healthcare > Critikon > Dinamap: Carescape B650, Carescape V100, E-NSAT, M-NSAT Modules, Pro 1000, Pro 1000 V3, Pro 200, Pro 300, Pro 300V2, Pro 400, Pro Series, Pro Series V2, ProCare, ProCare 200, ProCare 300, ProCare 400, ProCare Ausculatory 400, ProSeries V2, V300; Huntleigh: All; Invivo: Escort II OPT30 Prism, MDE Escort Prism, T8; Mediana: M30, YM6000; Midmark > Cardell: 9403, 9500HD; Mindray > Datascope: Accutor V, Accutorr Plus, Accutorr Plus (Nellcor), Accutorr V, Duo, EPM4, Passport 2, Passport 2LT, Passport V, Passport XG, Spectrum, Spectrum OR, Trio, V-Series, V12, V21; Nihon Kohden: BSM-2300, BSM-2304A, BSM-4100, BSM-4104A, BSM-4114A, BSM-5100; Omron > Colin: BP-306, BP-508, BP-808, BP-88, BP-88S, BP-S510, Press-Mate, T105NXM; Oridion: Capnostream 20; Philips: Prodigy, VS1; Respironics: Alice 5; Stryker > Medtronic > Physio Control: Lifepak 11, Lifepak 12, Lifepak 15, Lifepak 20, Lifepak 20E; Welch Allyn: 42NT0-E1 LXi, 45NE0-E1 LX, 53STP, 71WT-B Connex Spot, 73CE-B, 73CT-B, 74CE-B, 74CT-B, 74CX-B, 75CE-B, 75CT-B, Connex 6000 series, Propaq CS, Spot Vital Signs 42MTB-E1, Spot Vital Signs 42NTB-E1, Spot Vital Signs lXi; Zoll: E Series, M Series, R Series.