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Compatible O2 Cell for Mindray > Datascope

SKU G0-150
This oxygen sensor is available for use with BMD (Bio-Med Devices): M-10, M-2; Bird: 6400, 8400, VIP; Caradyne: Criterion 40, Criterion 60, WhisperFlow 2-40, WhisperFlow 2-60; Dameca: Alpha Med; Datex Ohmeda: Engstrom Elvira, Engstrom Erica; Envitec: OxiQuant M; MSA: MiniOX 3000, MiniOX I, MiniOX II, MiniOx III; Mindray > Datascope: Anestar Plus; Pacific Medical: PM5900, PM5950; Precision Medical: PM5900, PM5900L; Siare: Morpheus; Stephan: Artec, Christina, F120 Reanimator, F120 Reanimator Mobile, F120GT Globetrotter; TSI: Certifier FA; Taema: Alys, Clarys, YR010100; Teledyne: MX 300, TED AX 300.